Weekend Computer Humor

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Weekend Computer Humor

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The Future of Fast Helicopters

Lockheed Martin gives us a glimpse of future combat helicopters with the release of a new video of its Sikorsky-Boeing Future Vertical Lift concept.

The Future Vertical Lift concept is based on a contra-rotating, co-axial rotor system combined with an aft push prop – all powered by an advanced turbine plant.

According to Lockheed, this allows the concept to cruise at over 250 knots (288 mph, 464 km/h).  The futuristic helicopter comes in Assault and Attack variants.

The most well-known mass-produced helicopters utilizing contra-rotating, co-axial rotor system are the Kamov family helicopters, like the KA-50 shown below.  But the addition of a pushing propeller in the back will make this helicopter super-fast.

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Weekend Computer Humor

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Weekend Computer Humor

Seems like even Macy’s wants to become Apple…

And why not?  Who doesn’t want to become one of the most successful companies in history?

It might take a bit more, however, than turning off a couple of letters.

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New Voice for Stephen Hawking

I have an audio book in my car:  A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.

I am used to his computer-generated voice, which is unique and recognizable.

But it might change soon, and we will hear this genius speaking with a new voice.

I guess Dr. Hawking believes that “change is good.”

I think we should all wish him good luck in finding his new voice.

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The Most Well-Read Nations in the World

The research found that people in the UK and the US read below the global average (just over five hours a week for both), as the below chart by Statista shows.  This study was done in 2005, with NOP’s Culture Score Media Habits index.

I wrote before on this subject here.  Reading is linked to literacy. Literacy is needed for progress.

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