Amazing Supercomputer Art – Part 2

The first post on this subject was focused on Cray supercomputers, which place beautiful images on the front to add an artistic touch to their technically-impressive machines.

In this (second) post, I will mostly address the “beauty through design” approach taken by Cray and a few other supercomputer makers.

Let’s start with the Thinking Machines Corporation.  Founded in 1983, it has delivered some of the most advanced (for its time) and good-looking computers ever.  A brief promotional video for its first models is available on YouTube.

Thinking Machines’ CM-5 Supercomputer, also known as FROSTBURG , was installed at the US National Security Agency (NSA) in 1991 for code-breaking tasks, and was operational until 1997:

NSA's thinking machine supercomputer -

No decorations, no frills.  However, this supercomputer still remains one of the most futuristic-looking supercomputers ever. Its flashing and constantly changing red light panels showed processing node usage, and were also used for its diagnostics. In fact, this old supercomputer looks so good it ended up in a Jurassic Park movie:

cm5 supercomputer in jurasic park -

To me, the CM-5 design actually looks inspired by the WOPR computer from WarGames (1983), which wasn’t a real computer, of course, but a realistically-looking movie prop:

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The Most Dangerous Places on Earth

This post is not about deadly volcanos, swamps, jungles, mountains, or deserts.   It is about countries and cities and the crime rates at those places.

First, let us look at the “crime index” map of the world from Numbeo (link).  Darker colors on this map point to a  higher crime rate, while lighter colors refer to a safer country:

With the index score of 47, the US is slightly worse than the mean (43).  Russia (43.63) is a bit safer than the US.  And Canada (39.19) is noticeably safer than both.  Japan (12.69) is in first place as the country with the lowest crime index (why am I not surprised?).

Top 25 countries with the largest “crime index” (most dangerous) are listed below.  It’s strange to see Argentina or Mongolia right next to Syria, which is still having an active war.  And Brazil is ~8 points worse than Syria?

Next, let’s take a look at specific cities instead of countries.  The color tones work the same way as for the country map.

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Some Like It Hot

Received this image from a friend in Parker, Arizona… taken around 6 pm.

So, 117 Degree Fahrenheit = 47.2 Celsius…  This is hot!

Arizona is known for its hot climate and belongs to some of the hottest states in the US:

Still, knowing this fact doesn’t make it easier to survive the heat.

In fact, even dogs need to wear shoes or socks in Arizona to walk on their super-hot roads:

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Combining the Industrial IoT(IIoT) with AR/VR

Brief video below shows what happens when we combine the Industrial IoT (IIOT) with Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).  Interestingly, a lot of this is already possible and being productized today!

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The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Floor

Is something wrong with this picture?  Are we really that superstitious? Statistically speaking, the answer is no, we are not.

A 2007 USA TODAY/Gallup Poll suggested a large majority of Americans — 87% — would be comfortable with a 13th-floor room assignment. But 13% (this number again!) say they’d be bothered by a 13th-floor room assignment, including 9% who would be sufficiently bothered to seek a room change.  Still, the great majority of us (91%) will be ok with having a 13th-floor room.

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Text Analysis Enhancements: 22 Languages and More Pre-processing Options!

Very interesting new text analytics tool from BigML! And all analysis is done using Web interface only with no need for coding. I will be trying it myself this weekend. 🙂

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We’re happy to share new options to automatically analyze the text in your data. BigML has been supporting text fields as inputs for your supervised and unsupervised models for a long time, which pre-process your text data in preparation for Machine Learning models. Now, these text options have been extended as new ones have been added to further streamline your text analysis and enhance your models’ performance.

  • BigML supports 15 new more languages. The total number has increased from 7 to 22 languages! Now you can upload your text fields in Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi/Persian, Finish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, or Swedish. BigML will auto-detect the language or languages (in case your dataset contains several languages in different fields) in your data. The detected language is key for the text analysis because it determines the tokenization

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Computer Humor

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Launching VSSML18, the 4th Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning

Folks, if you are interested in Machine Learning and you like Spain… this is the best combination possible!

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The BigML Team has it all set for the upcoming Machine Learning School in Valencia, the city of innovation and technology in Spain. This year, BigML and València Activa, VIT Emprende, and Valencia City Council are bringing the fourth edition of this Machine Learning School to La NAU, a cultural center in the University of Valencia, on September 13-14.

We are thrilled to present to a wide variety of attendee profiles in Valencia, once again, the essential as well as advanced Machine Learning concepts and techniques. As an improvement, we will offer two parallel tracks in this edition to suit the needs and experience levels of different users:

  • Basic Machine Learning for businessusers. An introduction to what Machine Learning is, where we stand today, where we are headed, and the key concepts that will help you understand how to put Machine Learning to…

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