Altered Carbon and the Troubled Future

The new Netflix TV Series Altered Carbon will attract lots of Science Fiction fans, including me.  My first impression, after watching six episodes, is, generally, positive.  I still prefer Stranger Things by a wide margin (and look forward to its 3rd season).  Or, an older (still outstanding!) show, FringeAltered Carbon impresses with the level of imagination, the quality of special effects, and the scale of problems it is trying to address. Kudos to Netflix for taking on such a complex and expensive project.  The weak spot for the show is the likability of the main characters:  they are not bad but not as likable as the protagonists from the two other above-mentioned successful shows.

One question I keep having after watching this kind of movie or TV series is:  why is the dystopian version of the future  so attractive to writers and the movie-makers?  Is this really what people writing books and making movies believe the most-likely future will look like for us?

Dark, dangerous cities filled with drugs, crime, prostitution, illegal businesses, gangs and heavily-armed police forces.  Corrupt, nearly-omnipotent individuals and corporations controlling everything and everyone.  Everything is for sale.  The democracy is fictional and is alike to Potemkin’s village.   And, generally, a hopeless, sick, suppressed, poor, and desperate population waiting for their hero.

Not too different from a version of the world in Total Recall (this is the 2012 version):

Or, the recent Blade Runner 2049 (2017):

I could add may other movies to the list…  In fact, after a quick search, I found such a list of dystopian movies (all 200 or so of them).

What is up with all the negativity?  Why is s it so much easier to sell this kind of story today than  a vision of a successful, happy, safe, and prosperous future where most of us are healthy and enjoying life?  A future that looks something like this: a green, smart (IoT-wise), friendly, safe city, Paris 2050 (by Vincent Callebaut, link).

A place that the “future me” actually wants to live in.

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Top 10 largest producers of CO2 emissions worldwide

This is an “anti-rating”: being the first on this list is bad.

These are the top 10 producers of CO2 emissions worldwide in 2016 (likely, 2017 as well), based on their share of global CO2 emissions.

C’mon, China-US-India-Russia-Japan, control your emission!

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When Risky Landing is The Only Option

Hope these pilots knew what they were doing…  Taking risks like these is not recommended unless there are no other options left.

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Oil Price Evolution

Below is the plot depicting the oil price evolution over the last 57 years.  I definitely recall the days of >$100/barrel prices. This was the time when books like this were published that predicted the $200 oil price and the oncoming economic collapse.

What I cannot remember is the time when prices were below $3/barrel of oil, which was before 1973.  I believe that the high oil prices are still to come, but the cheap ones are gone forever.   The real future question for us is what are we going to do without oil?

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New Developments in Bionic Technology

This is a nice overview of a recent development…  However, a story I find really interesting starts at 4:40.  The video talks about Rebekah Marine, a model who was born without a forearm and is using a high-tech prosthetic hand now.

Despite being born without a right forearm, she overcame all barriers present within the fashion industry, and has become a successful model and humanitarian.

You can read more about Rebekah here.

From the technological point of view, this is a demonstration of how far the field of bionic prosthetics had advanced:

Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Wising You Happy Holidays And New Year Filled With Prosperity & Success!

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Computer Humor

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