Brevity is the Sister of Talent


anton-chekhov-510x274This outstanding quote belongs to famous Anton Chekhov and dates back to 1889. But his message feels even more relevant today than 125 years ago: there is so much data and information available today that if you want for your voice to be heard, be brief and be to the point. And, for sure, give your readers something truly original and interesting to think about. And being brief while successfully delivering your message is a true sign of your talent.

But is there really a strong link between the reader’s attention and the amount of information provided? In other words, is the reader as focused when dealing with a large document as when reading a small one?

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Text Analysis Enhancements: 22 Languages and More Pre-processing Options!

Very interesting new text analytics tool from BigML! And all analysis is done using Web interface only with no need for coding. I will be trying it myself this weekend. 🙂

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We’re happy to share new options to automatically analyze the text in your data. BigML has been supporting text fields as inputs for your supervised and unsupervised models for a long time, which pre-process your text data in preparation for Machine Learning models. Now, these text options have been extended as new ones have been added to further streamline your text analysis and enhance your models’ performance.

  • BigML supports 15 new more languages. The total number has increased from 7 to 22 languages! Now you can upload your text fields in Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi/Persian, Finish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, or Swedish. BigML will auto-detect the language or languages (in case your dataset contains several languages in different fields) in your data. The detected language is key for the text analysis because it determines the tokenization

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Computer Humor

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Launching VSSML18, the 4th Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning

Folks, if you are interested in Machine Learning and you like Spain… this is the best combination possible!

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The BigML Team has it all set for the upcoming Machine Learning School in Valencia, the city of innovation and technology in Spain. This year, BigML and València Activa, VIT Emprende, and Valencia City Council are bringing the fourth edition of this Machine Learning School to La NAU, a cultural center in the University of Valencia, on September 13-14.

We are thrilled to present to a wide variety of attendee profiles in Valencia, once again, the essential as well as advanced Machine Learning concepts and techniques. As an improvement, we will offer two parallel tracks in this edition to suit the needs and experience levels of different users:

  • Basic Machine Learning for businessusers. An introduction to what Machine Learning is, where we stand today, where we are headed, and the key concepts that will help you understand how to put Machine Learning to…

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Gucci’s Delivery Service

Lots of things in Japan are… unusual.  This is why the country is so interesting to many of us.  The picture above, however, surprised me a bit.  It seems like the ladies promoting Gucci’s goods are… witches flying on one broom.

There might be some meaning to this that I am not getting.  But this is fine.  Advertising is the engine of the progress.  Hopefully, this engine works for Gucci.

BTW, about 10% of Gucci’s revenues come from Japan and about 35% come from Asia-Pacific region. Only about 20% come from North America.


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GDPR Compliance and its Impact on Machine Learning Systems

Recently, I closed and deleted my Facebook account. I am reasonably concerned about my privacy and my personal data protection. This article discusses new rules and regulations introduced by EU and how they will affect the way data analytics and ML is done on customer data.

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and Mark Zuckerberg’s statements about the worldwide changes Facebook is making in response to European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If your business is not yet in Europe, you may be taken aback by the statement from U.S. Senator Brian Schatz that “all tech platforms ought to adopt the EU approach to (data protection)”. This, despite the fact that 45% of U.S. citizens think that there is already “too much” government regulation of business and industry.

GDPR Image source: Convert GDPR (

So yes, GDPR is a big deal indeed. When it becomes the law in European Union later this week on May 25, 2018, it will improve data protection for EU citizens dealing with companies not only in Europe but all around the world. In other words, whether your company is based in EU or…

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Computer Humor

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Cell Phones Are a Menace…

Funny yet relevant warnings observed on the subway in Tokyo.  There are too many folks walking with phones in their hands and playing, texting, reading, etc. while walking.

Result:  they are bumping into each other and getting injured in many different ways.

Action:  put this and other relevant warnings and hope people will pay attention.

Which is unlikely, by definition, since they are all looking at their phones while passing by.

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