CGI is The Future


One major issue with computer-generated films that have human characters is what is being commonly referred to as the Uncanny Valley.

The term “uncanny valley” is a reference to us feeling uncomfortable when seeing or interacting with a computer-generated character or a humanoid robot that is nearly-identical to us and appears almost but not exactly like us.  In the end, this causes some sort of brain confusion and, ultimately, a feeling of fear or even repulsion.  If the robot or CGI character looks very different, then things are OK. If not, there is confusion, anxiety, fear, and repulsion.

Therefore, “crossing” the uncanny valley is generally considered a crucial last step before CGI movies and CGI characters can become…  well, like us.  And accepted by us.

I am now coming to the conclusion that there might be another path.  Maybe, we don’t need the CGI characters to look like us.  Maybe, they can look similar to us but be more interesting, more attractive, and more beautiful?  And perhaps the real actors who we are used to watching on screen can be replaced and we will be perfectly fine with it?

The 6-minutes computer-generated clip shown below is an illustration to what I mean: almost every character in this clip looks, in my (slightly biased) opinion, as attractive and as interesting as any actor I have seen in the past.  The whole animated film is simply gorgeous.

Here is what I am asking now:  how many years will it take for the majority of movies to completely switch to CGI characters and for the human actors to become a true rarity?

Possibly, 10-15 years, no more.  What do you think?

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