Strong SSD Growth World-Wide

Per recent report from TrendFocus, SSD market is growing strong:

  • Client SSDs unit shipments grew 14% Q/Q to almost 34 million units shipped
  • Enterprise PCIe units grew 101% Q/Q to 417,000 units
  • SATA SSDs dominated enterprise market with over 3.4 million units shipped followed by SAS SSDs with 712,000 units shipped
  • Capacity shipped for all SSDs reached 13.87 EB, increasing nearly 16% Q/Q

And this is how the competition looks like – below is the total SSD supplier market share in unites shipped:


Samsung dominates this market (~37%) with WDC being second (15.5% after its acquisition of Sandisk).  Intel is in third place with 8.3% market share.

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2 Responses to Strong SSD Growth World-Wide

  1. Stephen says:

    Seagate is looking bad here


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