The Internet of Things

Intel’s view of IoT…


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10 Responses to The Internet of Things

  1. Robert Hind says:

    Is there a better resolution version of this? This is difficult to read if I zoom in


  2. Robert Hind says:

    Hi .. it has helped but some of it is still too difficult to read


  3. andreikh says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Will need to figure this out…


  4. andreikh says:

    i think I fixed it. if you click on it, it should open in a different tab.


    • Robert Hind says:

      I had already tried opening it in a different tab and re-tried again this morning. It certainly opens in a different tab and zooms in – (fits to width of screen) …. but the issue is that the image resolution is too low and some (most) of the text is not readable.

      If the original resolution is a jpg and is the same resolution then there is no point in spending more time on it… nothing will fix the problem. If you’ve got the image as a *.pst (or in a scalable vector grahics – which I doubt) then you may be able to re-size it and re-save the jpg.

      I’d be very surprised if the original design used such low resolution.

      Don’t worry about it. It would have be good to share but you’ve already spent enough time. Thank you


  5. Kevin.dl says:

    L’IoT la prochaine menace ? (Cf : botnets)


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