What 1% Efficiency Gain Means for the Economy


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2 Responses to What 1% Efficiency Gain Means for the Economy

  1. orisuniot says:

    Hum, That is raising more questions than answering. which economy is this talking about? It doesn’t say so I assume it’s the default (ie US economy). So what would be EU, china, global figures
    Then it’s 1% over 15 years. why not make it over 100 year so that it looks really really impressive.
    all in all it sound very much like pro domo advertisement, doesn’t it?


  2. andreikh says:

    I think your point is valid and almost any publication like this is a way to promote something. As for their “15 years” assumption, It is possible that this is related to the equipment depreciation period or something like it. Also, the 1% goal they picked is, likely, a very pessimistic goal for the IoT technology. Hopefully, the impact will be much greater. Thanks!


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