On Data Becoming Art

A 12-minute film on data visualization and art becoming one.

One issue with “data visualization and art becoming one” is that they truly serve very different purposes:

  1. The main purpose of art is, probably, to create emotions and to inspire.
  2. The goal of data visualization should be to help make practical observations, useful conclusions, and to create actionable insights.

Therefore, while data visualization can be artistic, this should be the lowest priority for it.

I have to admit that many of today’s data visualization solutions are more useful for art galleries than for answering practical questions.

This is, for example, how LinkedIn was visualizing my network in the past (this function is not available now):

How am I supposed to use it?  I don’t know. But it looks really nice.  To make this visualization useful, it should be highly interactive, configurable, and also have a capability to generate much simpler data sub-visualizations we can understand and use: tables, histograms, pie-charts, scatter-plots, etc.  In other words, a successful big data visualization should be an app or a software program capable of providing answers ranging from complex to simple, and backing them up with some visual evidences. It should also be able to generate reports.  If so, this would represent a true breakthrough in complex data analytics.

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3 Responses to On Data Becoming Art

  1. orisuniot says:

    Art may be quite low in visualization priority but esthetics shouldn’t, what would be the point of compiling, churning and representing efficiently data if it looks so unappealing that people turn away from it.
    So a good data visualization should probably a great piece of “art bourgeois” as a conforting appealing piece one feels confortable looking at and studying in length, definitly not “avant garde”.


  2. andreikh says:

    Data visualization might look nice, no doubt. But it should be telling a story first. And provide some clear answers. Don’t u agree?


    • orisuniot says:

      I realized I put two concepts under the same word. I tend to have in interactive slent and to expect visualisations as a mean to explore data, emit and test hypothesis.
      In the case of story telling the viz is then a discourse that aims at something in a predefined manner.
      Truth is datavisualization can be data exploration tools or communication through data tools.

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