US Work Commute Statistics (Hint: We Are Lonely)

76.4% of people drive alone.  That’s kind of sad.

Wait for the self-driving cars to arrive. We will be able to chat, text, check the Internet, and talk on the phone on the way to work.  Basically, the same thing many people are already doing anyway… 🙂

But it will be much safer then.

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2 Responses to US Work Commute Statistics (Hint: We Are Lonely)

  1. Oscar Ruiz says:

    Interesting data. What is the percentage of people bussed to work (Like Google or Apple bus)?


  2. andreikh says:

    Hi Oscar, interesting question. I think it is a tiny fraction of all the companies and of all the employees. Don’t have good numbers to show but this link, for example, mentions that “Commuter buses shuttle an estimated 8,500 people each day from their homes in San Francisco to their jobs outside the city, according to a recent SFMTA study.” I don’t think that 8,500 people is a lot for a city like SF. This is the link:


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