Friday The 13th Analytics

Good folks at FiveThirtyEight looked at the impact of superstitions on the parents of future babies.  To save their kids from forever repeating “I was born on Friday the 13th,” on just “on 13th,” they either accelerate or delay their baby’s birth, which can be visible in the chart below.   You can see dips on the 13th of each month (black dots), as well as on several other special days, such as February 29th, Halloween, and September 11th, along with a bunch of major holidays.

Friday The 13th Analytics

Friday The 13th Analytics –

Authors of that publication refer to something they call “scheduled birth,” which I am not familiar with.  Also, I am not sure how healthy it is for a baby to have his/her day and time of birth moved artificially…

Either way, this analysis confirms the fact that parents are very much aware of the existing superstitions and will go far to help their offspring to avoid superstition-related life complications.

Life is hard enough – why make it harder, right?

BTW, it looks like New Year’s Day, the 4th of July, and Christmas are also avoided at all costs.

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