One Car Giant and the Eight Kanji Strokes

Nowadays, Toyota, as the most valuable car brand, is in the driver’s seat. My guess is that many of you currently own a Toyota, or have had it before.

Most valuable car brands -

Most valuable car brands –

Toyota Motor Corporation was founded by the Toyoda family. However, ten Japanese kanji strokes are used to write “Toyoda,” while “Toyota” has only eight. Eight is considered a lucky number in Japanese culture, so “Toyota” was chosen as the company’s name [link].


Since its production started in 1966, Toyota Corolla has been Toyota’s main car. Generation after generation, it remains a benchmark for car quality, resale value, and the best return on investment.  Corolla is now in its 11th generation:

Toyota Corolla Evolution –

In 2013, Toyota reached the milestone of 40 million Corollas sold over its eleven generations [Wiki].

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