Top 10 US states by UFO Sightings

I am not into the UFOs and Roswell conspiracy, I just though this map is pretty interesting.  It will be nice to find a good explanation for this statistic.


I am pretty sure lots of people have looked into this question, but I will add my two cents by showing the map of each state’s population (below).  If you look at the darker areas, they align fairly well with the above map. Visually, it seems that more populated states have more sightings.  Considering that the percentage of people “buying” into the whole UFO story is about the same across the country, this is quite an expected observation.


So, maybe, there is not much difference between the states and specific locations.  Just more or fewer impressible people looking up at the night sky…ufo-humor


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2 Responses to Top 10 US states by UFO Sightings

  1. The consensus among astrophysicists and others whose brains work quite well is that the concentration of “alien” sightings occurs in the rural, under-educated, religious populations who A. Don’t understand what they’re looking at and B. Automatically assume anything that can’t be explained must be God/magical/otherworldly.

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  2. andreikh says:

    I really like Neil Tyson. Smart, funny, interesting.


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