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How Much Americans Trust the Mass Media – In Numbers

The is not a political blog by far.  It is all about technology, artificial intelligence, data, analytics, robotics, computers, and the past and future of the human species.  But, after I saw this research done by Gallup, I wanted … Continue reading

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“Tax the Robot,” Says Bill Gates

Bill Gates suggested taxing the robots that take human jobs at the same tax rate. I am not quite sure if he is completely serious in this video or saying it half-jokingly. Basically, he suggests a regulation that would effectively slow … Continue reading

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Weekend Computer Humor

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Weekend Computer Humor

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Real Workweek Length in the US

The week is approaching its end…  and today, on Friday, this subject is even more relevant. According to Gallup studies, adults employed full time in the U.S. report work an average amount of 47 hours per week, almost a full … Continue reading

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The Most Valuable Brands by Country

Below is an interesting map of the biggest brands in different countries around the world. Six years after it lost the crown to Apple Inc., Google Inc. has reclaimed the title of the most valuable brand in the world. However, we … Continue reading

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I Lost to a Cheater (in Chess)

I started playing online chess a few weeks ago (partly because I was tired of being tortured by my iPad chess program) and received this notification (and a nice point bonus with it): “You lost to a cheater!” Basically, what this means is … Continue reading

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