Top 10 Countries That Help Us Breath

Yes, I mean it:  these are the countries with the largest forest areas.

And, as we know, forests are called the “lungs of our planet” because they absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and produce oxygen. Thus, they keep our atmosphere livable and, generally, keep us alive.


And this is the list with details:

1 – Russia: 8,149,300 km²

2 – Canada: 4,916,438 km²

3 – Brazil: 4,776,980 km²

4 – United States: 3,100,950 km²

5 – China: 2,083,210 km²

6 – Democratic Republic of the Congo: 1,819,326

7 – Australia: 1,470,832 km²

8 – Argentina: 945,336 km²

9 – Indonesia: 884,950 km²

10 – India: 778,424 km²



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