The Time of Combat Robots is Here


We are all used to the idea of semi-autonomous flying drones being involved in real combat and special operations.  Now, it is time to have semi-autonomous ground fighting machines.

This is, for example, a US prototype in action:

And this is its Russian counterpart “Nerehta”:

And these are Russian “Uran-9” combat robots:

All of the above machines are still being controlled by human operators.  But the ultimate goal is clear: fully-autonomous combat systems in the nearest possible future. Something like this, I presume:


And we will not stop until we get what we want!

Do you remember the story of Pandora’s box? She was the one who opened the “box”(which was actually a jar) containing death, evil, diseases, and many other bad things…  She did it out of curiosity and with no bad intentions.  Then she tried to close the box, but by the time she succeeded, all of the things inside of it had escaped into our world…  It was too late.

Only one thing remained inside the box…  It was called “hope.”  So, let us hope for the best.

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