21st Century Classroom

Here is an interesting way to summarize all of the latest things that have been happening at school thanks to the latest technological innovations.

pictureicon-envisioning-the-future-of-education-technologyBut, honestly, this is the view for the beginning/middle of the 21st century; the first 40-50 years, maybe.

I am pretty sure that the final decades of this century will see something like this used for learning, that will hopefully solve the problem of “education” for the entire world:


(read more about Ghost in the Shell here)

Or, like this – which is basically the same concept as above.  But with the guns, lots of running, and mean agents:

Or, we will learn like this−but with less food.  Much less food.  However, it would require us to get much smarter first:

Or, we will learn like this but with less suffering and cursing (and sorry for the last 2 seconds of the clip with his first English word used):

Or, we will learn this way−but with less violence.  And no aliens please.  And also no Scientology added to the curriculum:

After seeing all of the above, I find myself wondering:  is it even possible to learn quickly without the presence of suffering or violence?  Not if I believe Hollywood and the old “no pain, no gain” saying.

If that is the case, the “21st Century Classroom” proposal from the beginning of this post looks good to me.

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