How The Future Will Look Like in 2030 – 2050. But, Very Unlikely.

I like watching movies about the future tech…  It is a great way to feed your imagination and get some positive energy from the optimistic images of the world of tomorrow.  This is why we work today!  This is how our children and grand-children will live!

But, somethings, what I find could be “too much” even for my optimism…

Check out this video. for example.  And then read a few questions I had after watching the first part of it…


  • First, almost everything in this video about the future is basically possible today.  Just expensive but possible.  On the other hand, even the family shown in the video seems very wealthy and doesn’t seem to work much during the day.
  • 0:58.  Why would anyone (excluding the teenagers and those who like to be shown “Best Fails of the Week” video) use that mono-wheel device that came out of the car?
  •  And how can you fit it all inside the car wheel?  And why would you do it?  Does every wheel have one device hidden inside?
  • 1:20.  Why would any normal person want to give a lecture while standing on a transparent floor of a skyscraper?
  • 1:52.  Why do you need a drone to help with driving?  Was this an option when they bought the car and how did the car salesman convinced them that this is the “must have option”?
  • 2:02.  A Nuclear Powered Car?  Really?
  • 2:25.  How can he see his family standing together and waving at him while they are actually driving a car and sitting separately at that very time?  (2:48)
  • 3:36.  What is the point in the car following him into the forest?  How practical is this?  What if the car gets stuck?

Conclusion:  I either want to watch a Science Fiction movie and know that this is all completely fictional OR watch a Scientific or Technology forecast that is based on some science and common sense…  This video is one pretending to be another.

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