Investing in AR and VR

AR and VR are a couple of related fascinating fast-growing areas of technology and business.  These areas are now attracting lots of attention from the leading tech companies and investors.

According to CBInsights:

Recently, Facebook and Apple have reportedly been allocating more than 1000 workers each to their respective AR/VR efforts

And, the investments in these two areas keep growing every year:

So, who is investing in these areas?  Again, according to CBInsights

  • Rothenberg Ventures with its focus on seed-stage VR and AR startups was the most active investor in the space in the last 5 years.
  • BoostVC, an accelerator focused on blockchain tech and virtual reality and Vive X, an accelerator established by VR headset maker HTC were the second and third most active investors:

Lots of startups will benefit from this funding opportunity if they have good ideas and move swiftly.

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