How Machine Learning is Disrupting the Accounting Industry

“The potential applications of ML in the accounting and financial world is practically infinite. ” Good summary of how ML can change the way our finances and accounting are being done. One day, ML will even do your taxes…

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The second edition of 2ML: Madrid Machine Learning is fast approaching. In less than a month, on May 8-9, in Madrid, Spain, 2ML will bring together hundreds of decision makers, technology professionals, and other industry practitioners that aim to stay current with the latest in Machine Learning. During the two-day program, attendees will get a full understanding of how ML has evolved to where it is today and where the industry is headed, both from a technical and business perspective. To demonstrate the importance and benefits of adopting Machine Learning, distinguished international experts will present how Machine Learning is currently applied in different business areas, such as: cinema, sports, legal services, marketing, human resources, finance, and investments, among others.

To learn the key insights directly from each of these experts, we invite you to attend2ML Madrid Machine Learning. In the coming days, we will post a series…

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