The Roman Holiday

Recently, I posted this short story about a train in Japan leaving its station 20 seconds earlier and all of the embarrassment that transpired.

Since then, I have spent 10 days in Italy and can report a very different treatment of time in the country of many tourists, great wine, historical monuments, and relaxed vibes.  In summary, time seems to be much less important there.

For example, two images below show that the subway train is expected to arrive in two minutes (Image 1), but actually arrives in one minute (if you check the time stamp on the Image 2).

Image 1: The announcement: the train will arrive in two minutes:

Image 2: The reality – it is about 1 minute early (you can see that only 1:03 minute passed since the first image was taken)

Maybe, in Japan, it would be a terrible tragedy to be one minute early. But in Italy, this doesn’t feel like a tragedy at all.  In fact, this and many other things simply suggest you to slow things down, enjoy your life, enjoy the gorgeous views, and contemplate your past and future.  In these moments, time seems to become less relevant…

I suppose this is understandable…  what are few minutes for a city that is close to 3,000 years old?

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