Cheating in Chess (Not again!)

In my previous post, I wrote about how the platform can detect and reprimand cheaters who play online by using strong chess programs to win.  When detects cheating by comparing moves actually made with the top moves recommended by a chess program, they disqualify the cheater and refund lost points back to the honest victim.

Yesterday, I got credited with +11 points for losing to a cheater.

This happened to me for the second time in 309 Rapid (10 mins + 0) games I played so far.  Which now allows me to roughly calculate the percentage of cheaters on this global chess platform (I typically play each person just once):

P = 2/309 ~ 0.65%

Therefore, roughly, for every 150 players you play online on this platform, there is a chance to get cheated once.  But don’t worry too much – the AI behind is going to defend you!

By the way, this is why many really high-level chess players prefer 3 mins Blitz or even shorter games – you don’t have any time to use your computer program and cheat!

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