I’ve Seen the Future (and it had 8K resolution)

When I was on vacation in Japan this past May, I walked into a Yodobashi Camera store and was stunned by how realistic the picture looked on one of the largest TV sets in the room.  After examining it closely, I discovered that it was an 8K TV from Sharp, the first one I had ever seen.

This is a short video clip taken with my iPhone – everything looks very impressive and 3D-like:  

The 8K TV screen comes with a 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution and is, in terms of the pixel number, four times the size of 4K TV and sixteen times the size of 2K or 1080p TV (this is what I still have!):

I believe that most people are still transitioning to 4K, but there, in that Japanese store, I was shown the future.

It might take another 5 or more years for the 8K television to become mainstream, but it will happen sooner or later.  And, if you are ready to spend some serious money, you can purchase such a TV online today.  

Ah yes, about the price. This 70-inch TV was selling for ~1M Yen or about $10K.

Small price to pay for the future.

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