Tech Bits, Week of October 21, 2018

This is a guest post from Mike Montemorra, who is a technology guru with long and successful career in computer industry.

Mike keeps an eye on the latest developments in computer and storage technology and publishes his observations weekly. Below is his brief summary of what was important in the past week.

What did we learn last week?

It looks like we have solid HDD demand, driven by seasonality but the overall TAM continues its steady decline.  So short term profits will give way to more uncertainty in the market as the declining prices of SSD and the emergence of QLC will accelerate the switchover (from disk to SSD) in more segments: link.

If you are a fan of animated films, read this for a little perspective of the massive amounts of data manipulation required to develop the models, add all the details and edit the final product.  These guys are pretty demanding and their media of choice was HDD for many years, but they are migrating to AFA’s for improvements in latency and performance!

Memristor CAGR is on the rise, but it is going to take awhile for this niche to displace mainstream SSD or HDD.  I continue to believe that storage class memories such as MRAM or memristors will help rewrite the face of compute in coming years.  Read more here.

Skyrmion development starting to get interesting

… and funding for improved storage systems architecture increasing.

It looks like another pillar in the foundation of quantum computing has been built (or at least been proven).

More on why we think Quantum Computing (QC) will be an important technology, especially for encryption…. if only we could figure out how to make it work without error…  Read more here.

RISC-V for Gen-Z fabrics?  It should help as this talk from HPE highlights.  Some good discussion at the end as well…

Security of a lot of server devices is suspect given this discovery (The original Business Week article is linked inside the Krebs note.)  I suspect we have not heard the last of this story, but as with any PCBA design, wouldn’t a simple board design review have caught this?

A proper use for femtosecond lasers is in fundamental research areas such as this.  Imagine what we will learn when we exploit methods like these.  Read more here.

Managers, listen (and read) up!

It looks like we are getting closer to understanding how color detection works.

A little about what it is like to abandon Google Search for Bing

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