The Helix of Time

A couple of days ago, I met Dan Richardson, a CEO of a Boulder startup called  Dan’s company is working on a new interesting way to represent time and events over time in one, beautiful, interactive visualization in the shape of a helix.  The video below shows the fractal, nested nature of the Helix.

We don’t often have a chance to see something truly new and creative.  I feel that has done it.  The Helix could be a productive new way to visualize complex data and events over time.  And this could be a beneficial way to explore data in both 2-D and in AR/VR environment.

For more, check

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2 Responses to The Helix of Time

  1. Wow! This is an impressive manner in which to represent big data and I hope that this methodology gets more widely adopted. It would be great to have an R-script written that could capture these elements.


  2. andreikh says:

    Feel free to contact the company – link is provided!


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