The Strongest Humans

I wrote in the past about some of the strongest of us… not those who are born strong but those who don’t break under tremendous pressures of misfortune and manage to overcome all obstacles to becoming successful in life.

I wrote about Rebekah Marine, who became a successful model after being born without a forearm, about Scout Bassett, who lost her leg in a fire when she was little but it didn’t stop her from becoming an accomplished runner.

This post is about Viktoria Modesta, who was born with a dislocated hip and leg, which was eventually amputated.  Which didn’t stop Victoria from becoming the first widely-known leg amputee pop star and a true inspiration to many.

This is what Victoria has to say about here experience:

It was really fascinating watching people’s reactions because most of them were speechless. Some had never stood next to a person with a prosthetic limb and the ideas they might have of what an amputee might look or act like is, in most cases, negative.  So when they do clock my appearance and then see the leg, it is very challenging for them.  Most importantly when the limb is attached and I’m walking with it in my full composure it has a power that is beyond something that can be described.

You can watch her first clip below.

Read more about Victoria here.

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