Weekly Global Tech News, November 19, 2018

This is a guest post from Mike Montemorra, who is a technology guru with long and successful career in computer industry. Mike keeps an eye on the latest developments in computer and storage technology and publishes his observations weekly. Below is his brief summary of what was important in the past week.

What did we learn last week?

It looks like Western Digital has the right vision for the future of cloud compute where the highest speed memory can be expanded via firmware.  It looks like their ME200 SSD’s are only the beginning of a line of memory extension devices for edge and fog compute systems.  The Storage Newsletter comments highlight their execution of this vision.

YMTC upping their game with a direct move from 64 layer TLC to 128 layer TLC.  I wonder how QLC will look in the 128 layer process…  Here’s a helpful roadmap from IMEC:

and they are tightening their partnerships, so look for a powerful presence starting in CY19.

It looks like STX wants to include blockchain technology in their supply chain.  This is a good idea, but for the time and expense invested in doing this, will it net an improvement in market share or product margin in a dying biz?  I bet that this is more of an R&D effort to get  their name in the news moreso than anything else, but it will be interesting to see whether they can make this work to their advantage.  The real power of blockchain in component management would be if ALL the component data can be seamlessly associated with the final assembly data.

This is the second leg of 5G standards, defining how IoT and connected devices (cars, etc) will communicate using 5G and is key to the ultimate success of 5G.

Watch out!   Moving to the cloud is challenging and if you are not careful, costly.  In the end, moving your key business processes to the cloud is the right approach, just do it with both eyes open!

Source: Accton Grp.     The cloud is maturing to ever faster communications speeds as this article attests.    Now the hardware is in the pipeline with this 7nm optical phy from Broadcom.

Fractal shapes from electron matrices?  yup!   This is an interesting development in quantum physics with a lot more detail on their methodology in this paper.  There are plenty of potential applications here (perhaps even on-chip or inter-chip communications), but they will need to figure out how to make more than a few with their STM.

To improve the bandwidths of space communications, this optical modem is being developed for the Orion-class spacecraft.  To be tested in a moon-flyby in 2023, it should prove to be a major improvement in the bandwidth of data sent from space.

Source: LGS Innovations.

Say goodbye to the ‘grand-k’!  The kilogram has a new and much more accurate definition!

 It looks possible that we will soon be able to directly track and image a planet beyond our solar system.  That would be very cool.  Even if this planet seems pretty dark, cold and lonely, we will learn a tremendous amount from these observations!

…and um, well, at least she can sing to him…

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