Losing This Job to AI?

Watch the video below – this is an AI-powered TV anchor.  Doesn’t look too bad to me. The voice intonations need some work but, over time, will do well, I think.  

A bigger question is – why would we even want to seat in front of the TV and watch this guy?

I can read what he has to read on my own.  Alternatively, I can just listen to him while doing something else.  The only reason I will watch someone on TV is because he/she has a personality, charm, charisma, and is likable, controversial, … Basically, has human characteristics that make a person interesting.

And I doubt this would ever apply to the AI-based TV personality.  Even if the technology will be able to deliver all of the above, we will all know – this is fake!

Thus, this whole exercise is just a waste of time, IMHO.

Anyone disagrees?

Also read this and this.

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