Weekly Global Tech News, January 7, 2019

This is a guest post from Mike Montemorra, who is a technology guru with long and successful career in computer industry. Mike keeps an eye on the latest developments in computer and storage technology and publishes his observations weekly. Below is his brief summary of what was important in the past week.

What did we learn last week?

Happy New Year 2019!  Let’s hope for good things to come for all of us as the storage industry works its way out of a supply glut while 5G and IoT emerge to generate more data! The second half of CY19 should once again be heady times again for the business, so buckle up as we swoop downward into the bottom of the cycle and start heading back upwards!

MAMR vs HAMR ‘rock ’em, sock ’em at 16TB and beyond… who will win or will both technologies see production?  Which will be the most flexible and reliable?  and most critically for the bottom line, which technology will be the most profitable?  Only time will tell…

I guess that, in retrospect, we should have seen the memory glut coming as data storage is always a cyclical business, but if you look at the future of storage in the coming years, the long term view is good (until the next cycle sets in, of course).  …and Korea, Inc is still investing at the bleeding edge (read DDR5 and MRAM)!

Here’s a good review of enterprise SSD products from various manufacturers.  Note the conspicuous lack of key HDD &SSD players WDC and STX in this particular SSD mix which is intended to span the range of enterprise market offerings.  Note also the (relatively) high power consumption levels and the wide range of DWPD specs…

A little more 5G hype for your new year.  …but seriously, I do believe that CY19 is going to see both the emergence of 5G and its rapid adoption (at least at the high end of the market), spawning a new chip boom late in the year.  Just look at the SnapDragon 855 processor that will be used in many ‘5G capable’ phones this year.  This article reviews the key capabilities of that 7nm chip.  

CES is next week!!   Here’s what should be big. https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/31/what-to-expect-from-ces-2019/

Of course, I couldn’t complete this week’s message without a few words about New Horizon’s latest accomplishment. They captured a bunch of data, but have paused because New Horizon is currently behind the sun… It is a testament to the laws of physics and the accuracy of our interactive orbital calculations that we can get this close to the object without smacking it!

NASA ‘ 2014 MU69  aka ‘Ultima Thule’.

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