Weekly Global Tech News, March 11, 2019

This is a guest post from Mike Montemorra, who is a technology guru with long and successful career in computer industry. Mike keeps an eye on the latest developments in computer and storage technology and publishes his observations weekly. Below is his brief summary of what was important in the past week.

What did we learn last week?

Hi Folks,

The days are getting longer and we will soon shift an hour to daylight savings time here in the US.  It’s a sign that summertime is right around the corner, so I hope you find something fun to enjoy outside in celebration.    Here are some technology highlights from the weeks’ news that you might find interesting.

Last week, I gave a brief summary, but here’s a little more color on WDC’s ‘Storage Field Day’ from Tom Coughlin who attended the event.    Enjoy!

For those of us in the storage biz, this news should be encouraging and is in-line with our expectations for a rebound in storage demand starting in the second half of CY19, driven by 5G, IoT and AI.    It is certainly fitting that server storage and cloud lead the way in this next growth cycle.

This startup has a vision to flatten the storage pyramid and consolidate data on an exa-scale with an all solid-state, NVMe based approach.  Their initial product set looks interesting so this may be a company to watch as they start delivering to their vision.

If speed is your only criteria, then NVMe wins hands down due to its raw speed, deep queue capabilities and many parallel data lanes.  This, in addition to the new ‘SD Express‘ protocols will put pressure on SATA product volumes in coming years.

Source: Enterprise Storage Forum

The advent of 5G communication will bring an explosion of IoT based instrumentation and this, in turn, will drive innovation and prices down for everything in that ecosystem.  It seems inevitable that printed sensors will be at least part of the solution.  Bring it on!    Here’s an article discussing recent advances in this area. 

Despite some delays, the 5G architectural rollout is coming… fast!  …and it will be big and diverse with data flowing everywhere inside this infrastructure. Here is an update to what is happening in Korea.

In anticipation of the upcoming 5G buildout, high power semi makers are preparing for an uptick in demand, with something like 32-64x more power amp devices needed when 5G is fully deployed!  5G base stations will also require new MIMO antenna designs including beamforming antennas.  On the device side, Qualcomm already has at least one solution available and I am sure competing designs are being readied.

Source: Inverse

Our friends at AMD are not stepping off the accelerator and continue to deliver generational product announcements on an aggressive timeline.  They continue to gain market share in server, graphics and compute with their aggressive roadmap and competitive performance.

Not to be outdone, Intel says they remain paranoid so look for continued updates to their roadmaps as they deliver to their memory-centric compute approach in 5G systems, edge compute and in servers.   We certainly are living in interesting times.

Google says, ‘update immediately’ to plug this zero-day vulnerability inside their Chrome browser.  When they are this urgent about an issue, I take them very seriously!

Cheers, Mike

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