My First Cyber-Fiction Book

Twenty years ago, in 2001, I published my first book. 

It was about computer data storage and took me over 6 months to write. My child was just one year old then but, with the full support of my wife, I used whatever available time I had to do research and write. It was an interesting experience that taught me a lot about book writing. And it was exciting to see my book in different libraries and online stores. Now, twenty years later, I am ready to publish another book. This time, however, it’s a collection of short science fiction stories about the future where AI and humans coexist, cooperate, help each other, betray each other. In other words, they do what two intelligent species normally do when they occupy the same space and time.

Twenty years ago, for my first book, I chose to use a real publisher––Prentice Hall. It was a time when the Internet was in its nascent state, was just starting its ascent, and ebooks were nothing but a promising concept. This time around, I am choosing Indiegogo platform as a place where you can pre-order the book. 

I called my book I, AI, which is an homage to the famous book I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. Below is the cover of the book, which was created by Ravven, a skillful and creative American artist living in the U.K. 

The campaign page includes information about the book, a promotional video, a few renditions of the characters from the stories, and something called ‘perks,’ which is just a way to define what you get.

If you are interested in science fiction, and in cyber-fiction in particular, feel free to visit this page, watch the video I made, read the description, read the first story (the shortest one of eleven stories in the book), and choose your perk to pre-order the book. Then, the finished book will be shipped or emailed to you in September. And I hope you will like the final product.

Ah, one more point: to keep my professional life and my other interests apart, I am using a pen name for my writing. So, don’t be too surprised.

Thanks, Andrei

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