Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction? 

Is it likely to help our economic wellbeing, even though we do have machines that understand the world and give answers quickly enough to improve efficiency in every single market sector? I’m glad you asked. If technology has come of age now without any dramatic problems (even if there are more robots out there than ever before) why is so much time spent on exploring how these technologies affect people’s lives as opposed [to] a focus solely [on] making them work well for everyone else? In other words: where will society go from here with all this advanced computing power by itself – regardless [of] what kind/technology they’re using?”

It’s hard to ignore the growing trend toward automation as a key catalyst for advancing human welfare. It may even lead many, including myself on Facebook, towards creating alternative versions of our beloved job that actually provide benefits and give some kind by way (albeit indirect) of service — like how Uber has started offering its drivers tips in exchange if they’re stranded after driving 10 hours without receiving compensation through their car insurance provider. There are indeed cases where AI is already helping achieve great things though it isn’t immediately clear what type of society we might be approaching with these machines today.

Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction? “I am talking about a great promise of technological progress, and we should be preparing for what is coming in the future. It’s not going to come just because humans are smarter,” said Andrei Soldatov, head at Kaspersky Labs Russian office. Vladimir Putin also warned that people would need a technology that could detect evil intentions more quickly than anyone ever dreamed possible: “A computer program capable with perfect accuracy can identify everything you have done within one second without an external monitor.” The Kremlin responded by saying it wouldn’t allow such technologies into its systems unless they were appropriately supervised, according [to] Reuters

Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction? That’s a tough question to answer, but it is the kind of rhetorical shift that most interested me. I feel like an optimist — what I learned from my research and writing about AI was this idea: There are no safe places in life.

Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction? I suspect we will both become completely different people. We would live in perpetual fear of being replaced by an equally skilled AI as the world has gone mad, and there is no way around this problem either…We won’t have to worry about that anymore when robots take over jobs like manual labor and farming, because it’s very possible for them (like humans) [to] be smart enough not only without any degree but with a significant amount too if they try hard enough! If I had my druthers then surely everyone could outsmart me even more easily than now though… But what can you do anyway?


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