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Will an all-knowing artificial intelligence govern us in the future?

This subject has been of interest to me for a few years (post 1, post 2). This particular post was co-written with GPT-J AI Writer. GPT-J is the largest model the EleutherAI has released to date. A 6-billion parameters language model … Continue reading

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COVID-19 vaccination leaders on Jan 3, 2022

Posting it just in case anyone is interested. Before reading the chart below, please close your eyes and try to name the top three countries with the highest COVID-19 vaccination. link

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The Upgrade: My new short story on Amazon

My new short sci-fi story is now available on Amazon. The Bite-Size Sci-Fi collection delivers short science fiction stories intended for a 30 to 45-minute read, perfect for a train or bus ride, lunch break, or short reading before bed. … Continue reading

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