Gucci’s Delivery Service

Lots of things in Japan are… unusual.  This is why the country is so interesting to many of us.  The picture above, however, surprised me a bit.  It seems like the ladies promoting Gucci’s goods are… witches flying on one broom.

There might be some meaning to this that I am not getting.  But this is fine.  Advertising is the engine of the progress.  Hopefully, this engine works for Gucci.

BTW, about 10% of Gucci’s revenues come from Japan and about 35% come from Asia-Pacific region. Only about 20% come from North America.


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GDPR Compliance and its Impact on Machine Learning Systems

Recently, I closed and deleted my Facebook account. I am reasonably concerned about my privacy and my personal data protection. This article discusses new rules and regulations introduced by EU and how they will affect the way data analytics and ML is done on customer data.

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and Mark Zuckerberg’s statements about the worldwide changes Facebook is making in response to European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If your business is not yet in Europe, you may be taken aback by the statement from U.S. Senator Brian Schatz that “all tech platforms ought to adopt the EU approach to (data protection)”. This, despite the fact that 45% of U.S. citizens think that there is already “too much” government regulation of business and industry.

GDPR Image source: Convert GDPR (

So yes, GDPR is a big deal indeed. When it becomes the law in European Union later this week on May 25, 2018, it will improve data protection for EU citizens dealing with companies not only in Europe but all around the world. In other words, whether your company is based in EU or…

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Computer Humor

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Cell Phones Are a Menace…

Funny yet relevant warnings observed on the subway in Tokyo.  There are too many folks walking with phones in their hands and playing, texting, reading, etc. while walking.

Result:  they are bumping into each other and getting injured in many different ways.

Action:  put this and other relevant warnings and hope people will pay attention.

Which is unlikely, by definition, since they are all looking at their phones while passing by.

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Computer Humor

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Cheating in Chess (Not again!)

In my previous post, I wrote about how the platform can detect and reprimand cheaters who play online by using strong chess programs to win.  When detects cheating by comparing moves actually made with the top moves recommended by a chess program, they disqualify the cheater and refund lost points back to the honest victim.

Yesterday, I got credited with +11 points for losing to a cheater.

This happened to me for the second time in 309 Rapid (10 mins + 0) games I played so far.  Which now allows me to roughly calculate the percentage of cheaters on this global chess platform (I typically play each person just once):

P = 2/309 ~ 0.65%

Therefore, roughly, for every 150 players you play online on this platform, there is a chance to get cheated once.  But don’t worry too much – the AI behind is going to defend you!

By the way, this is why many really high-level chess players prefer 3 mins Blitz or even shorter games – you don’t have any time to use your computer program and cheat!

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The Future of Cars We Might Not See for a While

This is a series of photos taken by me in Ginza at the Nissan showroom.  This red car is a concept car for 2020.  Like in the case of most “concept cars”, this one will unlikely reach real customers any time soon (or ever).  But it is a beauty and I would definitely buy a car like this if I could afford it.

Below are some more pictures of this Nissan supercar.

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