Forced Happiness Technology

Only in Japan…the Happiness Counter was developed at the University of Tokyo after it was shown that smiling contributes to mental well-being. The Happiness Counter uses AI-based facial recognition to make smiling a part of daily life…by requiring you to smile to get access to your refrigerator!

First, it can analyze and report the facial expression like this:

Second, when attached to the refrigerator, it limits your access until you smile.

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Deformation of Ocean Ship During Storm

We are all used to seeing the wings of a plane moving up and down during a flight. This short video presents an idea as to what could happen to a 100,000-ton ship during severe storms.

Pretty scary and fascinating at the same time.

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On Minor Enhancements in the Quality of Our Lives

This is a minor thing but nice to have.  Notice on the right side of the sign below, it shows not only the direction but also the distance.  This actually plays a significant role if you’re traveling around a place you don’t know well and you need to constantly make navigational decisions.  There is a big difference if the “Tourist Information Center” is 85 meters away or 850 meters away; my decision to go there might be different.

I think that everyone would benefit from a small enhancement like this…

or this:

65 meters to the restroom

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Redefining the Word “Tight”

While on my trip to Japan, I found an article that clearly offers a new definition of the word “tight.”  If you feel that space on a plane or bus is too tight, think of this situation and be happy:

Yes, this is a flight filled mostly with Sumo wrestlers.  If you were on a flight like this, you’d learn what “tight” really means…


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IoT and Big Data Analytics Synergy

A slide from my talk at Nagoya University from June 23, 2017…  I have 3 talks to give here in Japan, and this one is A Short Introduction to Big Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, and their Synergies:

For those unfamiliar with Japanese characters, the kanji on the left means harmony.

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What Published Paper Has the Largest Number of Co-Authors?

Probably, this one:

Why am I saying it has the largest number of co-authors?  Because it is not often that we can see a paper with 5,154 authors representing 344 different organizations!

I guess, this is what it takes to figure out how the universe works…

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Computer Humor

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